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De Kanjerketting

In this blog we would like to highlight the charity that we supported during the DACT Treasury Fair: the Kanjerketting. The charity that we support structurally. In this blog we will tell you more about the Kanjerketting.

The Kanjerketting is an initiative of the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland. The association is there for families with a child with cancer and provides support for the child and family in all phases. They are not only there for the family during treatment, but also afterwards.

The treatment of childhood cancer is difficult, long and sometimes difficult to explain. To provide support for this, the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland has developed the Kanjerketting. The necklace begins with the child's name and each subsequent bead represents a particular treatment, event, or investigation. In this way the situation is made visible to make it easier to explain. Together, the different Kanjerketting beads form the Kanjerketting. Each Kanjerketting therefore tells a unique story.

The colorful Kanjerketting beads are also working as a small bright spot on the horizon. Something to look forward to during the heavy treatment and to have a tangible memory of the drastic period afterwards.

For some time now you can also buy Kanjerketting socks from the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland. We have already provided our team with the Kanjerketting socks. Would you also like to buy Kanjerketting socks or make a donation? You can do this via

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