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TSS Case Study | BELLIN

Navigating security issues with mobile connectivity

Aalberts is an international technology group. With roots in the metal processing sector (aluminum precision extrusion), Aalberts has grown both organically and through acquisitions to offer a diverse technology portfolio. They’re headquartered in the Netherlands and are the leading provider in several industries. Aalberts has over 200 group companies in more than 30 countries, giving them a very broad industrial footprint. The business has been listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 1987 and employs nearly 15,000 people. The organizational structure is flat: great emphasis is put on local entrepreneurship, and the head office is kept very lean.

The Challenge: global company. global hurdles.

Aalberts has a considerable global footprint and as their web of subsidiaries began stretching beyond international borders, their ability to streamline payment processes was met with a bit of stagnation. With Aalberts’ current reach extending to over 200 group companies in 30 countries, it was safe to say their payment authorization process came with some administrative hinderances. In this case, Arnold Voet, Director Treasury, had originally implemented the use of payment authentication tokens for payment approvals across all subsidiaries. Employee turnover, an expanding workforce, and a lack of procedural oversight of tokens slowed down the entire approval process and made it difficult to keep track of the status of the physical tokens.

There was no innate deactivation method for inactive tokens which made Arnold considerably anxious about having tokens dispersed across the globe and no way to incentivize management to track or use them. It was clear that traditional payment processes that relied on physical tokens for approvals were hamstringing their efficiency now that they had grown beyond their capabilities to manage them.

“BELLIN Connnect gave us peace of mind by enabling a digital checks-and-balances structure for our payment authentication process. The added security is great, but the mobile connectivity is a game changer.”

Arnold Voet Director Treasury, Aalberts Industries N.V.

The Solution: global hurdles. digital solutions.

Aalberts could wiggle out of their dilemma in a few ways including tightening their oversight of tokens or implementing an accountability process. Instead, Aalberts decided to turn to a digital solution that maximized both efficiency and security. As a sidekick to BELLIN’s treasury management system: tm5, BELLIN Connect is an app that provides treasurers with remote access to aspects of the software. It was a homerun for Aalberts as digital approvals and mobile connectivity removed geographical hurdles with payment approvals. BELLIN Connect’s primary function addressed security concerns with the Two-factor Authentication method, ensuring security breaches are near-impossible. In addition to increased security, Aalberts also experienced a reduction in down-time involved from lengthy approval processes. As Aalberts was gradually transitioning from using the tokens, they used BELLIN Connect to institute an internal process that provided automatic user deactivation after certain intervals of inactivity.

With BELLIN Connect, Aalberts was able to access their sensitive treasury data remotely while also solving a security issue that was caused by the geographical separation of each of their subsidiaries. Arnold hopes to continue seeing a synergy between tm5 and mobile connectivity as he can accomplish more on-the-go. BELLIN thrives to strengthen that synergy.


The results of implementing BELLIN Connect were extremely beneficial to Arnold and Aalberts as a whole.

· Significantly reduced payment approval times

· Increased security with Two-factor Authentication

· Administrative control with user-deactivation

· Remote and instant access to treasury data

About BELLIN Connect

BELLIN launched BELLIN Connect as a mobile sidekick to their tm5 treasury management system. The app expands and maximizes efficiency and security while making location dependency a thing of the past. For the treasurer on the move, BELLIN Connect facilitates remote work through secure mobile access – allowing treasurers to execute time-sensitive functions like payment approvals and reporting. The app also includes optional Two-factor Authentication support for payment approvals and logins, providing an extra layer of security for sensitive financial information.

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