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Treasury Solutions Spotlight
July 2021



In this edition of the Treasury Solution Spotlight, we put the spotlight on various Treasury Management Systems (TMS). This is the second in a series of TMS spotlights for 2021. 


Last year has shown us how important it is to be in control. Treasury Management Systems support corporate treasuries in their core activities. As our clients are diverse and face their own unique challenges and opportunities, so are their requirements for a TMS. In this spotlight we show several systems that are available for different types of organizations and that we regularly come across and implement in corporate environments.

Orchard Finance has a hands-on approach and experience in using, selecting and implementing a wide range of Treasury systems. For more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.

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Disclaimer: All spotlights are based on the input provided by the vendors.



Coupa empowers all businesses - from Fortune 1000 companies to the world’s fastest-growing organizations - to unify their supply chain design and planning, procurement, payments, and treasury processes in one comprehensive, cloud-based Business Spend Management platform. Coupa’s community of 2,000+ customers uses the platform to maximize the value of more than $2.3T of spend to date.



Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. By breaking down silos and unifying the procure to pay process, Coupa provides greater visibility, control, and scalability of payments, working capital, and treasury. Coupa Treasury (formerly BELLIN) helps businesses optimize liquidity and spend by achieving greater visibility and transparency, increasing agility, and improving forecasting and planning. Businesses gain capabilities to improve operational performance with automation across multiple subsidiaries, currencies, accounts, and users and to mitigate security, compliance, and liquidity risk. 



The Coupa Treasury system operates on one simple principle: You can't control what you can't see. It delivers greater visibility into cash and payments so companies can make smarter financial decisions and drive agility by optimizing liquidity and improving forecasting.

Coupa makes a fundamental difference in the world of corporate finance and procurement and takes treasury to the next level by removing silos with end-to-end visibility and control from source-to-settle.

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3V Finance

Logo 3V Finance.jpg

3V Finance is a reference french FINTECH company proposing technology solutions for financial risk management. Our clients are corporate groups and financial institutions.

3V Finance solutions have been selected by top listed companies, including members of FTSE100 and CAC40. Our flagship platform titantreasury runs proprietary financial libraries, developed by a team of experienced mathematical quants and finance engineers.



Titantreasury is an expert answer to your credit and market risk management (counterparties, interest rates, currencies, commodities) and liquidity risk.

With Viel & Cie Finance (Compagnie Financière Tradition, Bourse Direct,…) as a strategic shareholder, our company benefits from internal services such as human ressources, accounting,… therefore all 3V Finance employees are entirely dedicated to the development of titantreasury and the Clients support.

When selecting 3V Finance you make the choice of a respectable brand with a high quality of service, a know-how inherited from client listening, a renewed client trust to cover their requirements.

You receive commitment to work with a reliable solution that we integrate with your 3rd parties (cash, payment gateway, e-dealing, accounting ERP, custodian, …) with full control. You will be supported by treasury professionals experts in risk management, training your teams regardless of their experience, and helping you with change management. Titan treasury is a trade mark and a software owned and developed by 3V Finance

Treasury Metrics

Logo TreasuryMetrics.jpg


For over 26 years Ilfa has been supporting the translation of treasury advice into practice. In addition to high-quality advice, we offer services aimed at unburdening you. Our treasury management system TreasuryMetrics supports and clarifies. Making it possible for every type of organisation, whether big or small, to have a full treasury function. We offer continuous support where wanted and needed.



In order to manage your treasury activities and related daily tasks safely and efficiently, having insight into your current and future position is key. With our treasury software TreasuryMetrics you can optimise your liquidity and working capital management, minimise debt, and lower interest-, bank-, and organisational costs. TreasuryMetrics also allows for a full treasury-administration, for bank-independent cash pooling and for the management of your internal current accounts. All without complex implementation. TreasuryMetrics makes better treasury management possible. This includes integrated cash management, optimalisation of transactions on financial markets, streamlining processes and reports, and effective risk management. Furthermore, our experienced Treasury Desk is ready to assist wherever and whenever you need.

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Treasury Systems

Content Treasury Solutions Guide 2019 - Treasury Systems logo.png

Treasury Systems is a leading TMS supplier to corporate Treasury departments in Northern Europe. With our next-generation SaaS we are pushing the envelope to provide Treasury know-how, cost efficiency and best-in-class support to the end-user on a brand new technological platform.

Treasury Systems is a next generation cloud-based TMS. Treasury Systems is built for performance, agility and security. We use a modern and clean UI for easy, intuitive navigation and unmatched usability. Our technological strategy ensures a future-proof service for managing risk, accounting, liquidity and reporting on complex financial instruments. Automation is at the core of our system enabling Treasury teams to spend more time on quality analysis rather than heavy administrative tasks. With industry-leading short time to go live enabled by low learning curves, automation and modern cloud technologies we provide a highly scalable, secure and modern experience for our customers.

Commerzbank TMS


Commerzbank is a leading corporate bank in Europe and an important player on the global capital markets. The bank is active in more than 50 countries and supports large and medium-sized companies with tailored financing, Cash Management, trade finance and Risk Management solutions. Companies benefit from our market expertise and local presences featuring our trusted personal relationship model with extended service levels.


TMS is a bank-independent Treasury Management System developed to meet treasurers’ highest requirements. It provides companies comprehensive planning and analysis tools that enables a precise view of the daily financial situation as well as an outlook on future liquidity developments. The booked transactions of bank statements retrieved daily by the individual banks are matched directly with the recorded planning data. Clients can also use TMS to easily process payments and to manage treasury deals.
All these advantages can be found on a single platform, which can be accessed via an online corporate banking portal. This means that you are not dependent on complex client-server applications that need to be installed locally. A further advantage is that the system is updated annually, ensuring that it meets current regulatory requirements at all times.

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About the Treasury Solutions Guide

Please feel free to also look into Orchard Finance's Treasury Solutions Guide which we published. In our Treasury Solutions Guide 2020 we have combined profiles of providers that offer relevant technological solutions for Treasurers ranging from small Fintech companies to large established TMS suppliers.  

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