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Treasury Solutions Spotlight
June 2021


Cash Flow Forecasting

In this edition of the Treasury Solution Spotlight, we put the spotlight on various Cash Flow Forecasting (CFF) tools. 


Managing daily cash flow is a core task of corporate treasurers. The treasury solutions in this spotlight enable treasurers to accurately forecast cash which provides them with more visibility. Current solutions can significantly increase efficiency and reduce the liquidity risk in corporate environments. 


Orchard Finance has a hands-on approach and experience in using, selecting and implementing  Cash Flow Forecasting tools. For more information please contact Ariane Hoksbergen.


The next Treasury Solution Spotlight will focus on Treasury Management Systems. 

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Disclaimer: All spotlights are based on the input provided by the vendors.


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CashAnalytics is a market-leading software company focused on changing the way companies analyse, forecast, and ultimately manage cash flow daily. By automating the administrative tasks that cause cash and liquidity forecasting to take unnecessary time and effort, CashAnalytics enables treasurers and finance managers to focus on adding real value to the business.


Our cloud-based cash reporting platform provides a complete view of a company's current and future cash flow by simplifying and automating the process of cash forecasting and liquidity planning. Our clients are global leaders across a range of industries. We understand that each of them has different needs, so we tailor our services to suit them. We know how important cash forecasting is, that’s why we help our clients to increase the quality of their cash forecasts by improving accuracy, reducing risk, and increasing efficiency.

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Treamo, established in 2010 with a focus on treasury management, also develops complementary software products and solutions in those areas that are not covered by traditional treasury management systems, e.g. cash flow forecasting, regulatory reporting or treasury reporting.     




TFM (Treamo Finance Monitor) is a Cloud-based (Microsoft Azure) 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) solution for cash flow forecasting, cash position reporting and FX exposure management. It is unique in many ways and has been built on 20 years' experience in treasury-related subjects. Not only by highly talented and skilled software experts but first and foremost by people who know what (end-) users require.



Case study

View Treamo's interview with AHT group about TFM implementation here.


cashforce logo.png

Cashforce is a ‘next-generation’ Cash Forecasting & Treasury platform, focused on automation & integration. Cashforce provides crystal clear cash visibility to corporates with a yearly turnover from € 100 million to € 50 billion across the world from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, London & New York.



Cashforce connects the Treasury department with finance & business departments by offering full transparency into the cash flow drivers, accurate & automated Cash Flow Forecasting, as well as flexible Working Capital reporting. Cashforce offers a modular solution: Cash Flow Analytics, Cash Flow Forecasting & Working Capital Analytics.

The platform is unique because of the seamless integration with numerous ERPs & banking systems, the ability to drill down to transaction-level details & the intelligent AI-based simulation engine that enables multiple cash flow scenarios, forecasts & impact analysis.

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tipco logo.png

At TIPCO, a unique blend of Treasury professionals, developers, BI- and system integration experts deliver powerful solutions for Corporate Treasury. More than 130 corporate clients – among them many of Europe’s leading companies – rely on us when tackling today’s Treasury challenges.


Our Treasury Information Platform (TIP) bridges the gap between systems, data and people, transforming the way you do Treasury. Using smart connectors to seamlessly integrate data from upstream systems such as ERPs, TMS and various other tools, it establishes the solid foundation required for timely and user-friendly analysis and reporting.


The powerful TIP workflow module replaces inefficient processes based on e-mail, phone calls or spreadsheets with highly automated, audit-proof and straight-through workflows.


We provide:

  • Cash Visibility & eBAM

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • FX Risk Management

  • Trade Finance

  • Reporting

  • Bank Relationship Management

  • Treasury Workflows

About the Treasury Solutions Guide

Please feel free to also look into Orchard Finance's Treasury Solutions Guide which we published. In our Treasury Solutions Guide 2020 we have combined profiles of providers that offer relevant technological solutions for Treasurers ranging from small Fintech companies to large established TMS suppliers.  

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